The 57th annual meeting of the Deal Society was held in April 2022 at Deal Town Hall.

The report and accounts for 2021 had been sent to members and posted on this website, there were no questions to the committee on it.

In the March newsletter members were sent the wording of a resolution to reduce the membership fee to zero and to make an annual appeal for donations to sustain the work of the Society. This resolution was endorsed by the membership. Subscribers to the Society email list will receive regular mailings about the priorities and work of the Society.

There was a substantial response to the survey we sent out earlier in the year and over the next few weeks the executive committee will be analysing the results. The Society is grateful to all those who took the trouble to complete the survey.

There were no contested nominations for posts on the Executive Committee. The elected committee members are listed on our ‘How we are run’ page and in the minutes below.