As a result of us performing Conservation Area Character Appraisals, we have developed a toolkit to help other community groups who want to perform similar appraisals.

We initially used the well respected Oxford Toolkit but felt that we needed a slightly simplified version.

The toolkit comprises:

  • Guide – Explains the process to undertake the appraisal
  • Glossary – Explains the terminology used in the toolkit
  • Forms – Forms to be filled in during the survey
  • Report Template – A template which should be used to write the report for submission to the Planning Authority. This is specific to Dover District Council, other planning authorities may use different layouts, an example of a completed report is our Nelson Street Appraisal.

Click on the links above to download the documents. Please note that we are still making some adjustments to the documentation, we plan to format it better and remove any specific references to our own planning authority in the very near future.

If you would like to adapt the toolkit for your own use, please contact us for Word versions of the documents. We would also welcome feedback to help us refine the process further.

The Oxford Character Assessment Toolkit can be found at We are grateful to the authors of that toolkit for their work which formed the basis of our toolkit.