Dover District Council have approved a major programme of repairs to Deal pier.

The announcement made it to the BBC local news.

In October the Cabinet of Dover District Council considered a report to make long awaited repairs to Deal pier. Unfortunately the proposal only included partial replacement of the seating, which is almost non-existent as most of it rotted away and has been removed.

The Deal Society, together with Deal Councillors Trevor Bond and Wayne Elliott, asked them to consider a full replacement of the seating which might work out more economical than bit-by-bit replacement. The Cabinet asked for a report on the costs of full replacement and at a November meeting agreed to go ahead with all of the works, which include:

  • Resurfacing the pier
  • Replacing all of the seating
  • Repairs to the concrete structure
  • Work on the water mains at the end of the pier

We are pleased that the council is committing over half a million pounds to rectify the decay that has taken place on the pier. Their press release is at