This report on the year’s activities was discussed at our Annual Meeting in April.


After the huge surge in planning applications in 2021 things reverted back to an average pattern in 2022. But that was in the context of national government turmoil about housing targets and the revision of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Towards the end of 2022 it was also apparent that national building developers were revising their own housing targets because demand was drying up.
Housing growth and local infrastructure continue to dominate the local debates about development. Whether it is the fragility of the drainage system or the threats to local ecology, the limitations on car parking or the vulnerability of the local road system, or again the difficulty of finding dentists, GPs or primary school places the housing growth in Deal and Walmer is testing the capacity of the town’s ability to grow in a way that sustains social wellbeing.

All of that has focussed the need for the Deal Society to work more cooperatively with other local groups and the relationship with the Dover District Planning Authority and the Planning Committees of Deal and Walmer Councils. That will be a priority commitment for 2023.

Social Events

This year saw the return of our social programme after COVID. It was a limited program, but with a couple of old favourites – Spring Social at Glenhill and Christmas Social at the Town Hall. This year we tried a couple of new venues, firstly for the Summer Social at Deal Rowing Club. Secondly, a new venue and a new event – a Quiz Night at the Alma Pub on West Street. We also had a couple of talks in the Town Hall.


The society continued to play a part in organising Heritage Open Days which was returning to pre-pandemic proportions but the sad death of our queen disrupted many of the events.


The examined accounts will be presented at the Annual Meeting. They show an Income of £4,745 and Expenditure of £4,437. The overall surplus shown in the accounts is £308 and at the financial year end the total funds held were £8,356.97, a small increase on last year. Subscriptions were down on the previous year owing to the change in subscription policy and there was a small profit on social events of £662. Administration costs and communication were roughly similar to the previous year, but this will continue to enable the Society to further develop its presence in Deal and Walmer making people aware of how the area is changing and whether it is the right kind of change.

The financial report can be downloaded below:


At the 2022 Annual Meeting we changed the way that we regard people as members to include:

  • Those on our mailing list who receive monthly newsletters by email;
  • Those who do not use email but wish to remain members who receive this annual news update

At the end of 2022 we had 467 (378 in 2021) members on our electronic list and 23 (29 in 2021) on our postal list.

We no longer charge a membership fee but will invite donations from time to time.


We were greatly saddened when late last year our Patron, Baron Boyce, died. He had a great interest in the society and attended our events when his diary permitted, those who met him will remember him as a friendly and interesting man and we will miss his involvement.