Aldi have been granted planning permission to redevelop the site formerly occupied by the Co-op on Park Road, which closed in November 2018.

Aldi had previously applied in May but that application was refused by the Dover District Council planning committee because of concerns over trees on the site. The application was resubmitted unchanged.

The Deal Society’s position is:

The Deal Society has a long tradition of planning trees in Deal, supporting local authority tree planting schemes and intervening when there were issues about tree management in the town. We believe that the proper management of trees is essential to environmental care and human wellbeing.

Part of that reality is that a. trees have a natural lifespan and b. that great care needs to be taken about planting suitable species of trees that are appropriate for an urban environment. Those are the considerations that need to be taken into account when assessing and determining this application.

We value any attempt to improve the urban tree stock in Deal and any long term plans to manage those trees. We would expect conditions to be applied that both improve appropriate planting and which also guarantee the long term management of both the trees being retained and the new ones being planted. We welcome further contributions to improve the number of trees within the townscape.