Four developments in Walmer have been proposed.

Permission was granted for 223 houses off Station Road in 2015. Work has not started, we understand this is because terms have not been agreed between the builder and developer. Details at: 14/00361.

The site of the former Railway pub is to be developed. An application for eight dwellings was refused, a new application for seven dwellings (17/00450) has been submitted which appears to address the issues raised in the previous application and the new application is supported by Walmer Parish Council.

Two further applications have been submitted nearby for 235 dwellings at Cross Road (17/00505) and 85 at Dover Road (17/00487). Following a careful examination of the Pre-planning advice given to the developers, The Deal Society would raise the following issues about both of these developments:
1. The developments lie outside the Deal Urban Boundary and are, therefore, to be examined on the basis of impact on the countryside.
2. Their impact is considered to to be detrimental to the landscape and therefore in contravention of Policy DM15.
3. In the examination of sites for Land Allocation as part of the Local Development Framework both sites were rejected for development.
4. A Review of the Local Plan is now being undertaken and the developer should submit land allocation as part of the process and not as current planning applications.
5. A 5 year supply of housing has now been demonstrated. See the DDC Cabinet report dated 1st March 2017.
6. The developer needs to investigate rigorously poorer areas of agricultural land before advancing applications for high grade agricultural land.
7. There are serious traffic and access issues related to both these applications.
8.The applications have not assessed the protection of the existing residential areas to which they relate.
9. The applications depart from adopted policies and are therefore contrary to policies in the DDC Local Plan and to the National Planning Framework.